Natural selection in action

Roissy foresees karma taking its course in what we are informed is an SWPL fad for rescuing pit bulls:

To understand this sudden and perplexing SWPL adoration for pitbulls, you must know the SWPL psyche. The SWPL’s greatest fear is confronting the demands of her ego and discovering that everything she believes is a pile of horse shit. Oh no, can’t have that, no way no how. Equalism is the gargantuan hamster pellet that feeds her head, and the pitbull is a fortuitous animal proxy for the underprivileged humans that the SWPL happily (and relievedly) carries on believing are equally capable, equally worthwhile, and equally oppressed (except for that one group, yuk they’re soooo creepy).

Dog “breeds” are a social construct. The pitbull is just like any other dog! The pitbull is misunderstood! The pitbull is a victim of the caninarchy! The pitbull just needs the right training. You’re a pitbullist! Gross, pitbullist! Look at the pitbullist! Point at him! Isn’t he evil? Evil evil EVIL PITBULLIST! Now watch, gross evil pitbullist, how tolerant I am. See how I benevolently guide the pitbull through medical school, out from under your pitbullist oppressive bigotryprejudicefearinsecuritynarcissism…


ooow, my face… it’s missing.

I will smile every time I read of a stupid white SWPL getting her face chewed off by one of her pitbull redemptions. Does she deserve it?

Yes. Yes she does.

I had no idea that this was a fad, but then, I am happily very far out of the zone of effect of the American SWPL.  Now, I love dogs and live with one that could eat a pit bull for lunch without making much of an effort, but it seems to me to be a very bad idea to have young, inexperienced, and small dog owners rescuing dogs that have the potential to do reasonably serious damage.  I’m not concerned about the fate of the SWPL, but the problem is that it won’t take too many daughters of liberals getting eaten by their poor rescue pets before there will be renewed calls for banning the breed.

Which simply underlines the hazards of the equality myth.  Not everyone can safely handle a Doberman, a Rottweiler, a Ridgeback, or an American Staffordshire.  But the fact that not everyone can doesn’t mean everyone can’t, much less that no one should.