Knock ’em dead

Keoni Galt notes how Scorpion has summarized his own feelings concerning the ultimate hunt being played out in LA:

I don’t think many people are actually condoning the fact that this guy killed innocent people.

They’re just glad that somebody is taking a violent stand against the police/government and are living vicariously through him.

Our government is so fucked up and out of control, and everyone knows it, that something like this has a bit of a Robin Hood element to it. People generally feel powerless to do anything about government overreach, so when a guy like this stands up and says, “Enough! Fuck you. I’m not taking anymore!” that resonates with the frustrations of a lot of people.

That people are willing to overlook the fact that this guy has killed innocent people is a stinging indictment of how low the police and the government stand in the eyes of citizens. A large percentage of public opinion is sympathetic to a (seemingly) crazed murderer over the government. That’s pretty goddamned pathetic and makes our government and the LAPD look like shit, but deservedly so, because they’ve earned that contempt through years of corruption, abuse of power and trampling on the rights of citizens. 

This is true.  I noticed how much things had changed when I started hearing conservative white business executives in their sixties talking about the police in a manner all but indistinguishable from NWA.  Something is wrong, something is deeply and structurally wrong, when the mere fact of being involved in the law enforcement system at any level is enough to engender contempt in the eyes of those who are upstanding, law-abiding citizens.

Forget the cops for the moment.  When you think of a judge or a district attorney, what is your first thought?  Pillar of the community or corrupt tool of an evil and unjust system? 

Another thing that strikes me.  It seems as if every drama on television about either doctors or police.  I wonder if the constant repetition of the heroic portrayal of the police saving the day and blowing away the perp, who is usually a white men, has not only programmed the target audiences to believe that white men are evil, but has also helped convince older white men to see police as the enemy.