Descent into dirty war

Karl Denninger has his usual calm and moderate take on the subject of the LA police hunt:

This is how the nation descends into a “dirty, unconventional civil war” folks.  It happens when the so-called “law enforcement” people do what a handful of NOLA cops did after Katrina, where they shot an unarmed man and then planted a gun on him.

But those cops were (eventually) brought up on charges and tried for their felonies.

There is utterly no indication that the LAPD officers involved in this will face any sanction whatsoever.

It is exactly this rabbit hole that I have repeatedly warned of — when the so-called “law enforcers” are free to break the law without punishment, whether it be through “gun-walking”, money laundering or blatantly assaulting and killing innocent people (as, you remember, occurred in Detroit) there comes a point where the people will not only refuse to assist but will turn on the government and its visible agents and edifices along with the infrastructure that it, and we all, depend.

Heads up folks — one guy provoked this “response” among the so-called “public servants” that believe they’re entitled not only to fraudulently-promised and extorted pensions but that they’re also entitled to shoot citizens without consequence.

This is a loud, clear warning that exactly the nightmare scenario that I have repeatedly cautioned against and urged the people and our government to stand up and put a stop to has become uncomfortably close to realization.

If you haven’t figured out that these so-called “law enforcement officers” will herd you into a gas chamber or just shoot you on the spot given this incident you’re not very bright.

And if you are a law enforcement officer and you do not stand with these thugs in LA and their acts you had damned well better stand up and differentiate yourself in a loud, clear and unwavering voice, lest you get lumped in with them whether you deserve it or not.

Today, I fear not our so-called “law enforcement” agencies but rather our nation’s future and the dark abyss we stand on the edge of, peering downward, without apparent recognition of exactly how close we are to an irretrievable descent into the dark.

The fact that Karl’s rhetorical approach is impassioned doesn’t mean he isn’t correct.  The time is approaching when everyone, in and out of uniform, is going to have to take a stand.  If you’re not Team Blue, are you going to give aid and comfort to the police when they are lashing out blindly at “civilians” like wounded animals?  If you are a member of Team Blue, are you going to turn a blind eye to the criminal acts of your fellow officers?

The discussion for most of us has been completely hypothetical to date.  But barring an unexpected economic recovery, the issue is likely to become less and less hypothetical as time goes on.  We in the West have been hugely fortunate to be spared, for our entire lives to date, the historical state which most of humanity has endured.  But our good fortune increasingly appears to be running out and each of us is eventually going to have to decide who we are and with whom we stand.