Of courage and cowardice

The police appear to have a very self-serving definition of “cowardice”:

The fired LAPD officer suspected of terrorizing Southern California in a
bloody rampage opened fire on two Riverside police officers with a
rifle in a “cowardly ambush” early Thursday morning, Riverside police
Chief Sergio Diaz told reporters at a morning news conference.  

Let me get this straight.  We’re supposed to believe that a one-man war against the entire LAPD is cowardly, whereas those armed and armored SWAT teams that break in without warning and not infrequently shoot pets and unarmed people are courageous?  Christopher Dorner may be foolish.  He may be evil.  He may be in the wrong.  But the one thing he quite clearly is not is “cowardly”.  What on Earth is such a stupid and obviously false declaration supposed to do, dissuade anyone tempted to follow Dorner’s example?

These are indeed Orwellian times.  It’s rather like reading Robin Hood and being expected to cheer for the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Here is a hint for the police: if you’re wearing black armor, killing innocent animals, lying about your actions, and on top of it all, you outnumber the other guy several thousand to one, you’re the bad guy.