Salon on troll-beating

Apparently McRapey is stabbing me in the eye.  Or something:

 Here’s how you beat the trolls: Turn their hatred into cash for charities they despise.

That’s what science-fiction writer John Scalzi
has done — and in the process, he’s raised more than $50,000 in pledges
for Emily’s List and the Human Rights Campaign, specially chosen to
earn the ire of a blogger Scalzi calls “my racist sexist homophobic

Every time Scalzi’s online nemesis — a former WorldNetDaily columnist who writes under the name Vox Day – used his name or called someone by a derogatory nickname, Scalzi set aside $5 for charity
— and his readers pitched in, too, raising tens of thousands for
charities designed to uplift women, minorities and gays. Rape, Abuse and
Incest National Network and the NAACP also benefit; Scalzi capped his
own donation at $1,000 and his readers took over from there.

whole point of this is not to intimidate him to stop speaking. You will
not get this guy to stop speaking. He sees this as a contest, as a
battle of wills,” said Scalzi, in an interview with Salon. Giving money
to charities like RAINN and the NAACP is, he says, “an extra stab in the

I am, of course, frothing with rage at the unspeakable generosity being shown by the dastardly Rabbit People.  Oh, how the anger courses through my body, from clenched fist to clenched fist!  First Emily’s List, then RAINN?  It’s like a one-two punch!

Whatever shall I do?