Glenn 1, GOP 0

Glenn Reynolds considers the “natural conservative” argument in light of Kaus’s zero-sum Game of President:

“The race to control the Presidency is a zero-sum contest, like a football game. One party wins, and one loses. Both can’t win. Immigration amnesty (or gun control, or spending cuts) might help Democrats dominate national politics and lock up the presidency for generations to come (as some believe) or it might help Republicans by allowing them to increase their dismal share of the growing Latino vote. But both sides can’t be right. Even if they both think immigration amnesty will help them, one of them is wrong.”

If the GOP thinks this is going to get them Latino votes, then the GOP is wrong.

This really isn’t that hard.  There are two mainstream parties in Mexico.  One is Partido Revolucionario Institucional.  The other is Partido de la Revolución Democrática.  Both are members of the Socialist International.  Which means that the growing Latino vote in the United States is going to vote socialist.

This is not rocket science.