Congratulations Cris Carter!

It’s two years overdue, but Cris Carter, the third-best WR of all time in my opinion, finally makes it to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  It was a privilege to watch him play, and the Three Deep lineup of Carter, Moss, and Reed may have been the most dangerous receiver set in NFL history.  He may have been a possession receiver who only caught touchdowns, but the man was an artist on the sidelines.

This is your Super Bowl thread.  My pick: Ravens.  The 49ers defense looks shaky, the 49ers kicker even shakier, and the quarterback is a runner and a rookie.  If you favor NFL conspiracy theory, Ray Lewis’s Last Ride is a far superior storyline than 5 Super Bowls, 5 wins for the 49ers.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Randy Moss got a ring.  But doesn’t Moss finishing his career without one fit the NFL narrative a little better?