Rabbits in the NFL

Never give them any quarter.  None.  They never, ever stop trying to exert control over everything you think, say, and do:

Comedian and radio show Artie Lange went from player to player at media day, as we understand it, asking outlandish questions until someone game him an outlandish answer.  That someone was 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver, who expressed strong opinions against the possibility of a gay teammate, creating a major distraction for his team.

But the obvious apologies and retractions shouldn’t be the end of it, in the opinion of Seahawks punter Jon Ryan.  Ryan believes that Culliver should be suspended.

“If Chris Culliver isn’t suspended by Goodell then I am absolutely embarrassed to be part of a league that accepts this type of behavior,” Ryan said on Twitter.

Who cares if Jon Ryan is embarrassed or not?  It’s not behavior, it is free speech and freedom of thought.  Culliver was perfectly within his rights to speak about what he thinks and Ryan should quit the league if he’s such a delicate flower.  Ryan should also be given a lecture by Roger Goodell about who is responsible for the NFL’s disciplinary processes and who is not.

If suspending people from their jobs for expressing their opinions is now the norm, then obviously it is fair for Christians to demand the suspension of everyone who dares to say anything that contradicts the Bible in any way.  It won’t be long before the Muslims will get into the game too, as they already are in London and some of the European cities.  It should be interesting to see how fast homosexuals abandon their public pressure tactics when they belatedly realize they are outnumbered by an enemy far more implacable than they ever imagined Christians to be.