Molon labe, m————

Karl Denninger and his readers echo Leonidas:

“President Obama has said that his push to effectively delete the Second Amendment will face “significant resistance.”  It is time to show him and those in Congress how much resistance there is for any sort of additional gun bans and/or registration requirements in a peaceful and lawful manner.  Print copies of this and dispatch them to your Congresspeople, The White House, and staple them to telephone poles and other locations across the country.”

This image should be placed everywhere that will remind everyone Americans will never, ever, lay down their guns or accept any limits on their right to bear arms.  The politicians are hopelessly out of touch and they have no idea just how significant American resistance will be or they wouldn’t dream of even hinting at the subject.  I find it very hard to believe they will be foolish enough to declare war on the American people and attempt to forcibly disarm them, but if they do pursue that war, they damn sure are not going to win it.

No limits.  No restrictions.  No laws.  Nothing that infringes, even in the smallest and most seemingly sensible way, on the right to bear arms.  No compromise.