Pray for one of the best of us

Bart comments:

Happy new year. This is to let you know that last Friday Beau had a minor stroke. he is in the  hospital
in Albq. New Mexico. Beau was taking me to the va hospital for tests.
We had been talking about how some people are simply to selfish to let
other people to have their way in anything. About this time Beau started
having his Tia. Proving to me that he is too selfish to allow me to
have my way. Please pray for Beau. He is hopefully coming home

Beau is more than the Christian conscience of the Dread Ilk, he is what every Christian man should aspire to be.  I hope and pray that he has many years of service to his Savior left in him, but if not, I can’t think of anyone I know who is better prepared to meet his Maker.