More fun with Twitter

This exchange resulted from my tweet in response to Piers Morgan’s statement concerning his view of the constitutionality of Congressional arms bans.

voxday: Yes, Piers, wanting America to ban assault weapons & high-capacity magazines is ‘anti-constitutional’. #GunControlNow #AdiosPiersMorgan

DonaldJChump: So is trying to punish somebody who is using his/her right to free speech, more so even #hypocrisy

voxday: He’s not an American. He’s British. He has no right to free speech or any other freedom guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

DonaldJChump: So free speech is a right reserved only for Americans? And we wonder why the rest of the world us as ignorant

voxday: Do you believe Piers Morgan has the right to vote, bear arms, or run for the Senate? Do you think the UK has free speech?

DonaldJChump: Rights are imaginary, as the internment camps & that petition prove. Cause of Americans like you they are privileges & nothing more

voxday: If rights are imaginary, then why are you appealing to them? Your argument is totally incoherent.

DonaldJChump: more incoherent than the petition. It’s fighting for a right while while taking another one, showing that rights aren’t rights

voxday: You’re still missing the point. The British don’t have US Constitution-guaranteed rights. Neither do the Chinese.