Head’s up: free book

Now that A Throne of Bones is out, Marcher Lord Hinterlands has enrolled A Magic Broken in Amazon’s Kindle Select program, which allows a publisher to give books away for free for a limited period of time.  So, starting tomorrow, on December 24th and 25th, Kindle users will be able to download the novella for free.  If you’ve been curious about my fiction but hesitant to pay the necessary price for one reason or another, tomorrow would be an excellent time to do it.

If you’ve already read AMB but hadn’t quite gotten around to reviewing it on Amazon, this would also be a very good time to pop your review up there.  In related news, if you’re willing to commit to reviewing The Wardog’s Coin when it comes out, most likely towards the end of January, please let me know via email.  I’ll be sending out review copies to the first 50 respondents upon the book’s release.  This will consist of two short stories, one of which features a character who is likely to be a new perspective character in the second book of Arts of Dark and Light.