Homeschool or die: Part 563

What does a teacher have to do to lose her job?

A teacher tried to hire a gang member to assault her principal because she was being hassled about lies she told to the school, a disciplinary hearing has found. The high school teacher, whose name is suppressed, told a student she would “sort something out” for her if she arranged for her grandfather, who had gang connections, to confront the principal.

The teacher told a colleague she had arranged for the principal to be “capped”, which the colleague took to mean an injury to the knees. Despite her “unprofessional” actions and “serious misconduct”, the Teachers’ Council has given the teacher permission to return to the classroom after a disciplinary hearing last month.  The disciplinary tribunal heard the teacher also fabricated grades for
work not done by students, forged the head of department’s signature,
and lied about what classes she had taught.

It’s a refreshing reminder in the midst of all the Saint Teacher stories coming out of Connecticut that teachers are no saintlier, and on average a little less intelligent, than the norm.  One of the more powerful arguments in favor of homeschooling is that intelligent children will not be “taught” by half-educated women with IQs averaging two and three standard deviations below them.