Rope for the troll

A few of you have been wondering why I tend to leave the atheist TruthOverFaith’s comments when he regularly launches wildly inappropriate and off-topic attacks on Christianity. Below are the three of most recent examples made in the previous three posts:

TruthOverfaith 11/20/11 2:18 AM
And then Jesus said, “Sorry about that, fellas! But when the Son of Man needs to fart, he fuckin’ farts!!”-Jesus F Christ.

TruthOverfaith 11/20/11 2:24 AM
And then Jesus said, “How in the hell does my barbaric blood sacrifice fit in to this fucking conversation!! You need to talk about my precious, fucking blood sacrifice for your goddamned sins!!”-Jesus Christ

TruthOverfaith 11/19/11 5:09 AM
“neutrinos are the Tim Tebow of the physics world”

And I thought Tim Tebow was the anal sphincter of the physics world!

Oops, perhaps I’m confusing Tim Tebow with Kirk Cameron. Which one of those nutbags was on a stupid sitcom in the 1980’s?

“And then Jesus said, “Praise me, praise me, praise my holy name. The rest is total donkey sh*t. Amen.”-Jesus Christ, aka Mr. Messiah, aka Mr. Big Dick.

The reason I don’t delete these is that they demonstrate more cogently and convincingly than I ever could one of my major points about atheism, which is to say, that it is indicative of psychological disorder. Now, obviously not all atheists exhibit this incessant vulgarity, intellectual immaturity, and general social autism. But there is a sufficiently strong correlation than more research into the potential causal relationship is indicated; I note that the initial research into the subject has already offered scientific support for my original hypothesis of a link between atheism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Just as people judge Christianity by the Christian, atheism is judged by the atheist. And that it is why it behooves us to permit the public face of atheism to exhibit itself rather than sweep the ugliness under the carpet. There is no need to respond to this sort of comment, as it speaks sufficiently for itself.