The secret of Herman Cain

Steve Sailer ponders the conundrum of Herman Cain’s mysterious appeal to Republican voters:

How can some random corporate executive emerge from nowhere? It’s almost as mysterious as how some random state legislator / part time law school lecturer can rise to the White House in a few years. Maybe Cain and Obama have something in common? It’s crazy to think that, I know, but there’s something about the two of them that seems similar. But what could it be?

Well, they both said “The Godfather” was their favorite movie. Which makes me wonder. Shouldn’t it be at least a little troubling that an individual who really, really likes a movie about corruption and the violent acquisition of power wants to be president? I mean, would you feel comfortable voting for someone who said his favorite movie was Saw, especially if he went into great detail explaining why Saw 3 was his particular favorite in the series?

Okay, I would probably be tempted to vote for such a candidate on that basis alone. But to return to the subject, it would appear that most Americans are far more concerned about obtaining a get-out-of-racism free card than they are about the economy. Still, it’s not Cain’s appealing blackness that is the problem, it is his banksterism, which like his blackness, is in excess of Obama’s.

As for Romney, a Mormon isn’t going to win. Southern Christians don’t vote for cultists. They may not vote for Obama either, but they’ll certainly be willing stay home even if it is THE MOSTEST IMPORTANTEST ELECTION EVER again.