Democracy in the UK

It doesn’t exist:

David Cameron suffered the biggest-ever Tory rebellion on Europe last night. Almost half of all his backbenchers voted in favour of a referendum on EU membership.

Up to 81 Tory MPs were believed to have defied a three-line whip, the strongest party instruction on how to vote. Thanks to Labour and Lib Dem MPs, the vote was defeated by 483 to 111, with around 50 abstentions. It was a worse mutiny on Europe than any suffered by Ted Heath, Margaret Thatcher or John Major, and came after Mr Cameron told his MPs that they could have to wait years before Britain claws back powers from Brussels….

A ComRes survey for ITV’s News at Ten found that more than two thirds of the public – 68 per cent – support the idea of a national vote on whether or not the UK should remain a member of the EU. Yet the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats all ordered their troops to vote against a back-bench motion triggered by a public petition, even though the result could have had no impact on government policy.

The parliamentarians appear to have forgotten last week’s salient lesson of Qaddafi. If you refuse to submit to the will of the people on matters they consider to be of sufficient importance, they eventually have no choice but to shoot you in the head.

And David Cameron has revealed himself to be a eurowhore instead of the euroskeptic he previously, and unconvincingly, claimed to be.