Crazy and ignorant

Crazy Eyes Bachmann appears to be almost astonishingly ignorant when it comes to foreign policy:

6:38PM Bachmann: “Israel is our greatest ally.”

Whether or not you think Israel deserves our help — and I think it does — that’s just a silly statement. Israel has fought shoulder-to-shoulder with us… where?

Israel is not America’s greatest ally. In fact, Israel isn’t America’s ally at all. If Israel goes to war with Turkey, which actually is an American ally, America will be obligated by treaty to wage war against Israel.

Bachmann isn’t merely an also-ran, she’s a never-was and never-will. And with good cause. The amazing thing is that her supporters actually believe that Ron Paul is the one who is a foreign policy naif. And yes, Michele, Libya is in Africa… then again, she probably thinks Chad is the guy with a popped-collar upon whom she had a crush in college and the Toyota Wars had something to do with Japanese auto makers establishing factories in the American South.