US economy: the policy solution series

For two or three years now, people have been after me to provide a series of recommendations for how the USA can get out of its negative economic trajectory and return to genuine economic growth. I resisted this idea because I see absolutely no chance whatsoever that anyone who matters is going to listen to me or that creating a list of policy measures will serve to do anything except inspire a copious amount of criticism from those who don’t understand the issues at hand.

However, after three years of seeing the financial and political powers-that-be repeatedly make the same mistakes again and again, I figure that it can’t hurt to suggest a series of political policies that would not necessarily fix anything in the short term, but would permit the USA to survive the global economic depression intact as a functioning political and economic entity… not that this is necessarily desirable. Just to be clear, I have zero expectations of anyone of any significance paying attention to these policy prescriptions and I remain entirely confident that the politicians and bankers will continue to make things worse and the USA will cease to exist in its present form by 2033.

So, over the next few days I will begin by posting my diagnosis of the more problematic aspects of the situation, followed by my recommendations for addressing those problems.