VPFL Week 4

102 Moundsview Meerkats (3-1-0)
64 Bane Sidhe (1-3-0)

79 Greenfield Grizzlies (3-1-0)
60 MS Swamp Spartans (2-2-0)

79 RR Redbeards (2-1-1)
79 Macau Marauders (1-2-1)

73 GroverBeach Quixotes (2-2-0)
42 Bailout Banksters (1-2-1)

66 Green Reverends (2-1-1)
59 Cranberry Rhyneauxs (1-3-0)

Arian Foster is back! And with Michael Turner and Beanie Wells performing at a high level, the Meerkats now have an effective running game to go with the lethal passing of Aaron Rodgers. The matchups predict wins for both the Meerkats and the Grizzlies; a pair of 4-1 starts would put both old school teams in position to make playoff runs. The defending champion, meanwhile, appear to be struggling and Andre Johnson’s injury isn’t going to help.

This is your weekly open NFL thread.