Immigration is good for jobs!

Yeah, not so much:

“Of jobs created in Texas since 2007, 81 percent were taken by newly arrived immigrant workers (legal and illegal),” says the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates reduced levels of both legal and illegal immigration. The report estimates that about 40 percent of the new jobs were taken by illegal immigrants, while 40 percent were taken by legal immigrants. The vast majority of both groups, legal and illegal, were not American citizens.

It never ceases to amaze me how politicians and economists alike insist on demonstrating that they don’t understand Economics 101. What happens when you increase the supply of labor while demand is flat-to-negative? The price goes down. Great for corporations, not so great for actual people who need to support their families. Immigration, legal and illegal, is a major part of why so many Americans are out of work while corporate profits are doing very well despite the depression.