Europe: The Recanting

A former EU enthusiast finally admits the would-be Fourth Reich is a disaster:

All my adult life, I have called myself a pro-European. I deplored Brussels’ follies as much as anyone, but went on hoping for better things. I believed Europe was broadly a force for good. However, today, I recant. After much agonising and hesitation, I adopt the conclusion that many of you probably reached years ago: that the EU in its present form has become a disaster, which threatens the future of its major members, unless its terms and powers are drastically recast….

Some of us used to argue that Europe has been an economic success story. Those who remembered the past poverty of Spain, for instance, rejoiced to see the country apparently booming, its prosperity exemplified by Madrid’s glittering new airport. Much the same might be said about our western neighbour, the Celtic tiger. But now we see that their supposed success — not to mention that of Greece and Portugal — was an illusion created by smoke, mirrors, prodigious subsidy and reckless borrowing.

The time for Euroskepticism is past. Now is the time for Euroremoval.