If only we had a QB

Nevertheless, this is happy news for the Purple.

The Minnesota Vikings have reached agreement on a new contract with Adrian Peterson that could keep the running back in Minnesota for the rest of his career. Peterson is signing a seven-year, $100 million deal with $36 million guaranteed, a league source tells PFT’s Mike Florio. The contract means there’s a good chance that the 26-year-old Peterson will retire a Viking.

You can make the case that Chris Johnson is the best back in the NFL now. You may even be able to make the case that someone else, like Kansas City’s Charles or Houston’s Foster, is the best by the end of the season. But if you don’t love AD, the effort he gives, and his professional attitude towards his job, you simply are not a football fan. He’s been exciting to watch ever since he bobbled that first screen pass against Atlanta and still took it the distance.

In tangentially related news, I am trying to decide between starting Arian Foster and Beanie Wells. Foster is the obvious start… if he’s going to play. But will he play? The Meerkats got off to a fast, but painful start, with Aaron Rodgers throwing for 321 and 3, but losing Colston to injury.

UPDATE – Ouch. Foster is out. Manning won’t be throwing to Wayne. This is looking alarmingly like last year’s one man team.

This is, of course, your week one open NFL post.