The PZ Myers Memorial Debate update II

Announcing the judges:

Christian: cl aka The Warfare is Mental

Agnostic: Alex Amenos

Atheist: Scott Scheule

Dominic has confirmed that he is fine with all three of them. So, while Dominic and I compose our initial pieces, which we will send to each other in order to allow for the writing of the initial responses, it would be a good idea for the judges and everyone else to discuss how the scoring system will work.

To recap, Dominic and I are each writing an initial piece, then will compose a response to the other’s initial piece. Those four pieces will then go to the judges, who will score the initial round as per the system decided here. Judges, please email me to confirm that you are good to go so that I’ll have your email addresses and can provide them to Dominic as well.

UPDATE – Okay, my initial piece is done and off to Dominic. I’m not sure it won’t convince anyone I’m not off my rocker, but at least it should prove interesting.