VPFL Draft Day

The VPFL Draft begins in about 5 hours and fifteen minutes. Everyone has their keepers in, which are as follows:

Reverends – none, none, none
Meerkats – Arian Foster, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Turner
Banksters – Jamaal Charles, Larry Fitzgerald, Roddy White
Marauders – Philip Rivers, none, none
Redbeards – Chris Johnson, Tom Brady, none
Quixotes – Rashard Mendenhall, Vincent Jackson, none
Rhyneaux – Ray Rice, Drew Brees, Peyton Hillis
Grizzlies – LeSean McCoy, Greg Jennings, Dwayne Bowe
Sidhe – Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson
Swamp Spartans – Andre Johnson, MJD, Tony Romo

This is the draft order for the first round and all subsequent odd rounds. The order is reversed for even rounds, in which the Swamp Spartans pick first and the Reverends last.

UPDATE – That’s right, I went there. I drafted THE TARVARIS JACKSON EXPERIMENT to back up Aaron Rodgers. Because THIS IS HIS YEAR!

I wish I’d done a little more research before picking Crabtree over Edwards, though.