VPFL players

HUTSONDC: Bane Sidhe 10-4-0
BISCH: Valders Quixotes 9-5-0
STILICHO: Blackmouth Banksters 7-7-0
ATOWN: Meigs Marauders 5-9-0
ZEK: Judean Rhyneauxs 7-7-0
TOZ: Winston Reverends 4-10-0

Send me an email so that I can send you an invite to the league along with your roster from last year. I must receive it by 12 NOON FRIDAY or your place will be given away. The draft is SATURDAY AUGUST 27. You can keep up to three of your players on the roster, but you don’t have to keep any. You must send me your keepers by midnight Friday.

I recommend that you only change the first part of the team name for continuity reasons, except the Bane team should retain Bane for obvious reasons.