Three nights of vibrancy

Multiculturalism runs amok across England:

“Violence and mayhem were spreading like wildfire through the capital last night with police apparently powerless to act. Scenes of mob rule became more terrifying by the minute as widespread arson and anarchy was added to the orgy of looting.  By midnight flashpoints had multiplied around London, with Clapham, Hackney, Dalston, Peckham, Woolwich and Lewisham added to the list which already included Enfield, Walthamstow and Tottenham.  And there were fears that the chaos could spread nationwide, with Croydon to the south of the capital ablaze, and even Birmingham and Bristol joining in the destruction as hundreds of youths smashed shop windows and looted the contents.”

Come on, everyone! Let’s all join hands and sing a rousing chorus of “People are People”. Surely what we have here is merely a failure to communicate and mutually understand! The fact is that the Post-Modern West has forgotten what both the Imperial Chinese and the Republican Romans very well understood 2,000 years ago. Barbarians are barbarians. They are not civilized people. They do not build, they do not produce, they have no capacity or interest in doing anything more than breed, subsist, and destroy. You build a wall to keep the barbarians out, and when they try to invade, as they eventually will, you utilize civilized discipline to slaughter them. You can try to convert them to civilization in their own lands, and sometimes they will be able to maintain one if the population possesses sufficient average time preferences, but whatever you do, you don’t permit them to move in next door.

The picture above is an apt metaphor for Western multiculturalism. The man being beaten up is a press photographer, most likely a nice left-liberal who up until the very moment that the photo was taken was a staunch believer in multiculturalism and human equality. But this image is perhaps even more apt.

And don’t fool yourself. This is coming to America soon. Be prepared. Take some of those gold profits and invest in wood, blued steel, copper, and lead. You don’t need an arsenal sufficient for the Apocalypse, but at a minimum, you need enough to prove a sufficiently hard target to encourage the barbarians to seek easier prey.

Here is an example of the difference between civilization and barbarism. Note that the barbarians quail before practically ANY show of discipline and determination by the civilized.

“Earlier, a social divide revealed itself in Clapham this morning. Looters stopped sacking shops at the junction between St Johns Road to the north and Northcote Road to the south. To the north are council estates and chain stores such as Debenhams, JD and Currys. These shops were looted. To the south are Victorian terraces and shops like Jack Wills, White Stuff and artisan bakeries. These were untouched. Am told Northcote Road residents formed a line at where the roads meet and let no-one pass.”

It’s not a social divide, but rather a societal divide. This is why segregation is not only vital, it is a moral imperative supported by thousands of years of evidence. Mass immigration and forced desegregation is literally societal suicide by the civilized.