Kick Cameron out

The British Prime Minister is a lying, treacherous weasel and has to go:

David Cameron has ruled out a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union on the grounds that the UK had their say 36 years ago. A senior aide to the Prime Minister enraged eurosceptics yesterday by claiming that the UK must remain a member of the EU because Brussels bureaucrats have done ‘useful work’ on climate change and global poverty.

And he ignored the fact that no one under the age of 53 has ever had the chance to state their views on Brussels in a public vote.

Londonistan is burning, the Euro is disintegrating, and Cameron is still on holiday in Italy. I wouldn’t have thought it to be possible, but David Cameron is beginning to make Gordon Brown look like an honest, competent politician by way of comparison. But if “useful work” on nonexistent climate change and growing global poverty is really their best argument for staying in the EU, we should be able to count on Britain leaving it by next Tuesday.

The Conservative Party promised the British people a referendum. If the Conservative Prime Minister isn’t going to deliver one, he must resign.