I am officially addicted

I heard Don’t Stop the Sandman a few months ago and thought it was hysterical. But the entire CD simply takes it to another level and redefines awesome.

“[T]he sound was achieved when the metal band was stranded on a desert island in 1989 with a CD player, plenty of batteries and the CD collection of a 13 year old girl.” I think my favorite part is when they segue into a Hells Bells riff backing the Madonna lyrics.

Rock Sugar is like the bastard love-child of Spinal Tap and Tenacious D. About the only way I can imagine it could ever be topped is if Al Jourgenson, Trent Reznor, and Rob Zombie were to team up and put out a CD covering songs by Britney Spears, the Pussycat Dolls, Girls Aloud, the Spice Girls, and Destiny’s Child.

They remind me of how it cracked all of us up when Paul threw in a Loverboy guitar riff after the Technojihad chorus without warning. It was the only time I can remember Mike, who had the freakish robot-like precision required to play live drums along with samples and tightly sequenced electronics, completely missing a beat.