Vibrant England

Apparently black-on-white racial violence isn’t the legacy of slavery:

Shaking hands in celebration, these two youths appear to have something to be happy about. But this sickening gesture is actually two murderers triumphantly celebrating their killing of a 16-year-old schoolboy. The footage was captured on CCTV of a London bus as killers Lamarr Gordon and Dale Green fled the scene of the stabbing of Nicholas Pearton in south London.

Today, a judge described the killers as a ‘pack of animals’ as he jailed Gordon, Green and five others for a total of 74 years. The youths were all found guilty of killing Nicholas, who they chased across a park before stabbing him outside a shop doorway in Sydenham.

It is educational to see the repentant “youfs” doing their best thug impressions in the mug shots. The primary lesson is one from the Old West: it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six. The economic downturn is not going to help, so if you aren’t carrying yet, it’s time to get to a range and start. You may not be able to save your culture or your country, but you can still save yourself.