The money in global warming

To claim that the “science” of global warming is false on the sole basis of the financial corruption of the scientists involved would be to make the same genetic fallacy that the global warming cultists habitually make in their futile attempts to delegitimize the critics of AGW/CC. However, this does not preclude pointing out that in addition to their predictive models having been proved blatantly wrong, their historical records having been shown to be false, and the very logic of their argument to be based on false foundations, the scientists who market themselves as experts on AGW/CC have been raking in a tremendous amount of money for their inept efforts:

Although it wasn’t clear what the exact allegations were, a government watchdog group representing Anchorage-based scientist Charles Monnett said investigators have focused on his 2006 journal article about the bears that garnered worldwide attention. The group, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, filed a complaint on Mr Monnett’s behalf with the agency, the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.

BOEMRE told Mr Monnett on July 18 that he was being put on leave, pending an investigation into “integrity issues.”…

Mr Monnett, who has coordinated much of BOEMRE’s research on Arctic wildlife and ecology, has duties that include managing about $50 million worth of studies, according to the complaint. According to documents provided by Ruch’s group, which sat in on investigators interviews with Mr Monnett, the questioning focused on observations that he and fellow researcher Jeffrey Gleason made in 2004.

Of course, if you think there is a lot of money flowing into global warming research, just wait until you see the astronomical amount that will be made available to those of us fighting the much more serious problem of galactic warming.