McNabb in Purple

I don’t hate this as much as I did last year and two years ago. First, because the team has no expectations. Second, because no one believes McNabb is a first-rate quarterback anymore. Third, because they are paying a reasonable price for him. Fourth, because it will give Ponder some time to develop.

If they can shore up the line a little better, McNabb should still be reliable enough to give AD and Toby some running room. He simply cannot be any worse than the Tarvaris Jackson Experiment. Of course, it would be very helpful if Rice would be resigned at WR and another free agent WR would be in order to give McNabb more targets.

Anyhow, it’s not the big move it would have been in the past, but unlike then, it’s one that actually makes sense. One has to wonder about the decision of the Seattle Seahawks to not only sign Jackson, but pay him second-rate starter money. At least Seattle fans can look forward to the “hold the ball high above your head as the pocket collapses move”. I always enjoyed that.