The show unicorn

Is anyone still buying into the public Obama being sold by the media?

The conventional wisdom, of course, is that Wall Street has turned its back on Mr. Obama out of frustration with his so-called antibusiness rhetoric and “fat cat” comments about bankers. But Wall Street’s absence may be more about optics — the way things appear— than reality. Behind the scenes, it seems that many bankers are not running away from the president as quickly as some might suspect.

Have you ever noticed how Obama’s defenders always point to his public rhetoric rather than his actions in describing him? We are still supposed to believe that he is an anti-bank Christian opponent of homogamy, yet all of his supporters assume – and his actions more or less support – the idea that he is a secular homophile and the fully owned property of Wall Street… and that’s giving Mr. Soebarkah the benefit of the doubt and ignoring the very real possibility that he is a Muslim on the down low.

If one considers what eventually came out concerning the shenanigans of JFK’s presidency, one has to conclude there will be more than a few serious humdingers once the real story of Obama’s one term finds its way to the public thirty years from now.