Still short. Still fat.

Still stupid:

SHARON WAXMAN, EDITOR THE WRAP: Yeah, but you can’t talk about Anthony Weiner with your kids. You can’t talk about him at the dinner table. I mean, at some point…


WAXMAN: Yeah, I mean, I couldn’t talk about what was going on in the news what I spent my day doing this week at the dinner table. It was X-rated.

GAROFALO: That’s not his fault.

WAXMAN: That’s not his fault?

GAROFALO: We can talk about the things he’s fought for. I would say the distraction that’s created is by a media that’s overly-obsessed with this stuff because it’s easier than doing the hard stuff of their job.


WAXMAN: Mostly I agree with you. Mostly I agree with you. In the Clinton scandal I agree with you. In this case Anthony Weiner did this to himself.

GAROFALO: No, no, no.

BILL MAHER, HOST: I agree, I would like him to stay, too, but I have to agree with you that, like, I cannot look at him now. Whatever he’s saying, “Medicare for all,” I’ve seen your dick.

GAROFALO: That’s not his fault.

MAHER: That’s all…

GAROFALO: That’s not his fault. And you actually technically haven’t seen his, his…

MAHER: Oh, yes we have.

GAROFALO: In his underwear, right?

MAHER: No, no. The one this week. I’ve seen his picture too much.

GAROFALO: Either way, that doesn’t, if the media and the hypocrite Republicans didn’t keep this going pretending the American people want it, it wouldn’t be something you have to discuss with, and I’m sure you don’t discuss Anthony Weiner with your kids at the table anyway, even before this.

There is the new excuse for those caught indulging in inappropriate Internet behavior. The hypocrite Republicans made me do it! In the likely event you didn’t understand the reference, it is to this 2003 column. It’s remarkably how well it holds up these days…. But at least the democratic system worked, the outraged vox populi was heard, and Weiner is only walking away with around $1 million in taxpayer money courtesy of his togger tweeting. It’s rather nice work if you can con a district into hiring you.