The carnage expands

As Wisconsin becomes the 49th state to permit citizens to defend themselves, we’re still waiting for the rampant bloodbaths on the streets that we were promised in 1993 (Texas) and 2003 (Minnesota):

The Wisconsin Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow concealed weapons in the state Capitol and other public places, but not in police stations, courthouse and other specifically exempted locations. The final vote was 25-8, with all 19 Republicans and six Democrats supporting it, and the other eight Democrats opposed. Wisconsin would become the 49th state to legalize carrying hidden guns.

It may amuse you to know that the first political op/ed that I ever wrote was published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, of all places, sometime in the early 1990s. It was in support of an early, unsuccessful attempt to pass a concealed carry law and noted how all the ominous “blood in the streets” warnings of the anti-gun crowd had been proven to be false in the dozens of states that permitted it.