It was already a sham

The mainstream media errantly assumes that Hillary Clinton’s girlfriend’s silence about her sham-husband’s internet hijinks means that she is upset:

This raises the question one must ask of many a Good Wife — did Huma simply look the other way, unwilling to know what was going on in Anthony’s underpants? It was clear yesterday from her staunch refusal to play along with the sham that is her marriage that Huma, unlike her husband, is in no mood to lie about the state of her union.

Some women accept their husbands’ quirky habits. Mine likes to watch football. Weiner gets his jollies sexting with women, including one to whom he wrote he had a “ridiculous bulge in my shorts now. wanna see?” But being publicly outed as a woman scorned, whether it be online, in the flesh or on the phone, is too much to take. See ya, lover.

Washington has become the new Hollywood, beards and all.