A humble man

And one with much about which to be humble, most notably his governance of Minnesota:

Tim Pawlenty is in. So far, he has been talking tough — although his response to Paul Ryan’s House budget a few months ago was to jam his hands in his pockets, shuffle his feet a little, and then point and yell, “Look over there, at the debt ceiling!” (Also, I am secretly worried that Pawlenty’s ex-mullet will now write a tell-all book about him.)  And while his introductory video is effective at positioning himself as a “truth teller,” it contains one of my foremost pet peeves in political commercials: the “I’m from humble beginnings” talking point.

I have no desire to go into the specifics underlying my contempt for Tim Pawlenty, but suffice it to say that to my certain and personal knowledge, he is a conflict-avoidant coward, a mediocre, hands-off manager of the executive branch, and moreoever, one with zero regard for the letter of the written law.  Republicans who hope to ride this bland dishrag of a pragmatist to the White House will almost certainly find themselves badly disappointed, as the man has even less principle and backbone than George W. Bush.