This is modern “representative democracy”

It’s not as if the elections in Spain will actually change anything:

The Socialists, in power since 2004, are also looking likely to lose the next general election, which is scheduled for March 2012, but could come earlier if big losses on Sunday spark a leadership crisis within the party. After the euro zone debt crisis forced Greece, and later Ireland and Portugal, to take bailouts, Zapatero implemented round of measures to tackle a huge public deficit and persuade financial markets that it has the budget under control.

He is expected to maintain unpopular economic policies whatever the outcome on Sunday.

As we’ve seen with both the Obama White House and the Boehner-led Republicans in the States, as the Irish have learned in switching from Fianna Fail to Fine Gael, and as the Spanish are about to learn, it doesn’t matter for whom one votes. They will carry out the same policies regardless of what they promise their supporters; King Log replaces King Stork and yet nothing changes.