New ebook prices

After some lobbying of my publishers, I was able to convince them to lower the price of the Kindle versions of The Irrational Atheist and Summa Elvetica. In order to close the deal, I offered to remove the free and complete PDF versions from the blog, which is why they are no longer listed here. Note, however, that an abridged, 8-chapter version of TIA is still available for free download in PDF format; it contains all the chapters dedicated to the specific rebuttals of the various atheist arguments for those who are looking for them.

The Irrational Atheist is now $1.99 and Summa Elvetica is $0.99. So, if you haven’t picked up an ebook version yet, I would encourage you to do so. I also expect to have some further announcements in this vein in the near future. If nothing else, it would be amusing to see TIA claim the top spot in the Atheism category, which is eminently doable considering RGD’s performance in the Economic History category.

UPDTE: Well, that was certainly quick. TIA is already up to #3 in Atheism.