The sacrificial frontrunner

The RINOs have cast Mitt Romney to play the conventional Dole/McCain role:

Mr Romney, a former Governor of Massachusetts, declared “it is time we put America back on a course of greatness”, as he launched an exploratory committee for a presidential run. The 64-year-old Mormon father of five was defeated by John McCain in the party’s primary in 2008. But he has emerged as the favourite in a thin Republican field for 2012.

Setting aside the problem of whether Captain Underoos is capable of commanding the loyalty of a party largely comprised of people who view Mormonism as an aberrant cult, Romney’s more serious weakness is that his single biggest political triumph is the passage of Obamacare before it was called Obamacare in Massachusetts. Romney’s nomination simply cannot be logically squared with the Tea Party-fueled electoral victory of 2010, which is why I conclude that he won’t be playing the Dole/McCain role for which he has been selected, he’ll be playing the Giuliani role instead.

Furthermore, in a nation increasingly riven by ethnic and religious differences, it is less and less acceptable to attempt representing people from one geographic place and religion with an individual from a different geographic place and religion. A party with its roots in the South and Midwest will have little interest in being represented by a former governor of Massachusetts, no matter how good his hair happens to be.

Frankly, even the corpse of Ron Paul would make for a far better president than Mitt Romney.