The land of rape and sunnis

I don’t know why anyone would be expected to intervene and attempt stopping a rapist when they’re not even permitted to defend themselves and their own property.

Gary Gunstone stalked the woman through the streets of Bideford, North Devon, just after midnight as she walked to her parents home after visiting her boyfriend. The 15-stone brute dragged her to the ground and raped her in full view of passing drivers….

‘One bizarre feature of this case is that a couple of times cars went by as he was raping her on the side of the road. He was prepared to rape her right on the pavement without any apparent concern for being detected. He made no attempt to hide what he was doing. It was just something he wanted to do there and then and he did it. It is every woman’s nightmare to be attacked in a public place by a complete stranger but you always think of it happening in some remote area, not on a pavement with cars going by. It is very unusual. Unfortunately none of the cars that passed has stopped and so he was able to go as far as he wanted to go.’

What can possibly be considered bizarre about passers-by declining to get involved in the situation, considering that their two options were a) getting hurt, and b) getting arrested? I don’t know why anyone in England should be either upset or surprised by this, as this is exactly the progressive, secular, post-Christian England that the Laborite voters in the U.K. apparently sought after the Thatcher era. It is obvious that a society where men are not permitted to defend themselves is a society where men do not defend women either. And if that society only punishes attempted rape with a sentence of 12 months, then it is one that has every reason to expect more rape attempts.

At this rate of secular progress, another 50 years will see men openly raping women in public and not even being arrested for it. Although it might earn the woman a few lashes….