Fear and the dead dragons

Alpha Game’s intrepid omega is bold enough to tell the tale of how he attacks his fear of approaching women:

The biggest obstacle to success with women, or success in anything, is fear. The first time I cold-approached a girl it took me three hours to actually talk to her. When I finally did approach, I was a mess: my hands were shaking, my face was hot, my palms were sweaty, and when I spoke I sounded like a lost lamb my voice was shaking so much.

And on the other end of the spectrum, Nate does his best to belie my assertion that alphas have little to contribute to Alpha Game apart from idiotic braggadacio:

An insightful blogger here pointed out that the alpha ego, enormous as it is, is based in reality. The alpha’s positive self-image and confidence are the direct result of what? It comes from success. But success at what?

I have to say, I am suddenly beginning to feel a rather delightful sense of superflousness. Of course, being a well-paid professional not-writer, I see no reason why I should not succeed in becoming a hugely popular not-blogger as well.