Mailvox: rage of the entitled elderly

Juddsnell reveals the entitlement mentality of those whose primary benefit to society consists of sitting on ice floes:

Suck it up if you are so freaking superior to the greatest generation or the boomers than fix it and quit making excuses. Until then you are all pathetic losers. Blame it on grandma and grampa and mommy and daddy. Cant believe how many of you whiners complain they didn’t leave you something. You deserve nothing you freaking credit card addicts. Save your money drive a ten year old car and be an example instead of a whiney pathetic class of overindulged wimps. Only mistake your boomer parents made was to listen to Dr Spock and not beat your ass when you got too lippy. Your self indulged youthful superiority complex makes me puke!

Juddsnell is doing nothing more than projecting here. Because he feels entitled to living off the generations that are paying for the Social Security, Medicare, and prescription drug entitlement handouts that vastly exceed the amount of money he paid in, he therefore assumes that Generation X and Y are whiners. But we’re not whining, we are merely noting the readily observable fact that since Grandpa and Grandma left nothing to Mommy and Daddy, there is not a chance in Hell that our Baby Boomer parents will leave behind anything but massive debts, a ruined economy, and a vibrantly disintegrating society.

Of course, because the Baby Boomers are far too self-centered a generation – did they ever mention that they changed the world? – to fix the giant Ponzi scheme that they mistakenly think will support them in retirement, they aren’t going to do anything until the system reaches the mathematically inevitable breakdown. This means that it is going to be those very “pathetic losers” and “credit card whiners” who will not have any choice but to fix the system.

And guess how it will be done? By ending all the debt-funded payments to the entitled elderly like Juddsnell, Mommy, and Daddy, who are responsible for digging this massive hole. It wasn’t the Grasshopper Generation that created the prescription drug entitlement during the Bush administration after all. The Baby Boomers may not have created the original problem, but they not only didn’t try to fix it, they blatantly exacerbated it. But Social Security is going to end, Medicare is going to end, and Medicaid are going to end, and they’re all going to shut down faster than anyone imagines at present.

And then, instead of decrying the younger generations for daring to spend money they don’t have on themselves, Juddsnell will be castigating them for refusing to spend it on his useless, wrinkled ass. And the vibrant peoples who were imported as substitutes for the missing millions of Generations X and Y aren’t going to argue with us and insist that they be taxed more to keep elderly gringos alive.