The programmed mind

A further glimpse into the programmed mind of the gamma:

The fascinating thing about the gamma mindset is the way in which it causes the gamma to stubbornly cling to his preconceptions in the face of his own observations. There are several clear gamma signs on display here. The first is the extreme level of the interior white-knighting. While deltas and to a lesser extent betas are also prone to placing women on pedestals and acting as their rescuers and champions, only the gamma is going to fantasize about killing another man for nothing more than the crime of being mildly impolite to his own girlfriend. The gamma doesn’t even know this girl, he has just met her, and he’s already dreaming of challenging his own cousin to a duel over her nonexistent honor.

The obvious question is this. Is the gamma mindset the result of internal or external programming? I strongly suspect the latter, as I can recall finding it difficult to reconcile the differences between what I was being told about male-female relations and what I was observing at a very young age. Regardless, NiceGuy once more provides us with a clear and razor-sharp microscope into the thought processes of the gamma.

Meanwhile, one of Alpha Game’s resident deltas describes an interesting method for systematically hunting down and eradicating his own delta instincts.