Decrying anti-Anglicism

I found the following statement by the New York Times about the latest Charlie Sheen incident to be intriguing:

Why did the two parties decide now was the time to toss Mr. Sheen asunder? His vaguely anti-Semitic comments about the “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre likely didn’t help (Mr. Sheen repeatedly called Mr. Lorre “Chaim Levine”; his given name is Charles Levine), but what probably pushed them over the edge was that Mr. Sheen became too much of a public relations burden.

I’ve noticed that when people are supportive or indifferent about something I have written, they invariably refer to me as Vox Day. On the other hand, when they are offended by it or opposed to it, they often elect to refer to my given name. But apparently, this is racism, so I shall be sure to call them on their anti-Anglic insensitivity in the future. It’s also interesting to see that Wikipedia features articles on Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen rather than Charles Levine and Carlos Estevez whereas the Wikipedia article devoted to me is not listed under Vox Day. I can only conclude that Wikipedia is rife with anti-Anglic racists.