Monday column

Ending the Multicultural Experiment

In September, a member of board of the Bundesbank, the German equivalent of the Federal Reserve, published a book titled “Germany is Abolishing Itself.” The reaction to Thilo Sarrazin’s thesis, which is that Muslim immigration not only threatens the existence of Germany, but of every country in which it is permitted, was mixed. While the pushers of multiculturalism and diversity exploded in outrage and Sarrazin was encouraged to resign from the Bundesbank board, the book became an immediate best-seller.

Unlike past sinners against diversity dogma, Sarrazin has neither apologized nor backed down. Various opinion polls have demonstrated that the majority of Germans agree with him despite the fact that the political elite in both major parties are still frightened to death at the thought of being forced to address the very large elephant in the Bundesrepublik’s living room.