Feminism is good for children

Assuming, that is, that you want them to be fat little bastards:

American researchers found that children in the sixth grade – aged 11 or 12 – whose mothers who were employed either full or part-time were six times more likely to be overweight…. According to the latest figures one in three children is now overweight by the time they leave primary school, aged 11. A fifth are classified as clinically obese, so fat that their health is at risk.

This isn’t surprising when you think aboout it. I’d noticed that kids with working moms didn’t tend to be as involved with sports, although I can’t say that I ever realized that they were so prone to being overweight. This means that in addition to reducing average wages, lowering the marriage and birth rates, and increasing the divorce and illegitimacy rates, feminism is also creating an obese population. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, with 40 years of its observable effects now recorded by history, you have to be almost willfully stupid to still support feminism in any way.