You might consider a new model

Mike Shedlock borrows future Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen’s economic model to extrapolate the future:

Here is a summary of what will happen based on projections of Yellen’s model:

The Fed created 3.5 million jobs.
The Fed bloated its balance sheet by $2.3 trillion to do so.
It takes $657,142.86 in balance sheet additions to create a single job.
It takes the same $2.3 trillion to lower the unemployment rate .5%
The Fed’s balance sheet will reach $18.4 trillion by the time the unemployment rate drops to 5.9%
It will take another 3.5 years to get to a “full employment” situation with an unemployment rate of 5.9%.

If Yellen’s model holds, Nate’s hyperinflationary scenario would certainly appear to be in full E-F-F-E-C-T. Of course, at that point, the Fed would own literally the entire U.S. economy, Federal debt would increase from $8 trillion to $22 trillion and the Employment-Population ratio would fall to 52.3 percent. So, I’m just going to go out on a limb and predict that it will not, in fact, hold.

Doesn’t it just fill you with confidence that the people who hold such power over the economy and your own economic well-being are so unspeakably competent?