The Dread Ilk are smart

Well, by ESPN standards, anyhow:

The five smartest things I’ve seen from readers this week via comments, Facebook, Twitter and my mailbag.

In a Facebook conversation spurred by a radio appearance, NATE said: “As several NFL guys have pointed out… blowing a top 3 QB pick usually sets a franchise back years. Fisher was able to stave that off for years… but it finally blew up on him.

“In my estimation… the mediocrity of the last 5 years proves that Jeff Fisher is one of the three or four best coaches in the NFL.”

PK says: I think that’s overrating Fisher, but your broad point is a good one.

I never bought into either the Vince Young or the JaMarcus Russell story. In fact, I still don’t buy into Ron Mexico 1.0 or 2.0; running quarterbacks, (as opposed to mobile quarterbacks), hurt you as much as they help you in the long run. And I do think Fisher is a good coach, although I’d consider him more top ten material than top four.

1. Belichick. No question.
2. Sean Payton. Not much history, but what is there is good.
3. Hmmmm… Mike Smith? He’s pretty new. The Ultimate Leader is overrated. Reid is good but flawed and can’t control the clock. McCarthy has promise, but ditto. I’m not convinced about Tomlin yet while Caldwell is Art Shell 3.0 and coasting on the Manning and the Dungy legacy. Haley and Morris have started off well, but it’s just one year. Coughlin is really the only one I can think of that compares favorably to Fisher with a Super Bowl win as well as taking the Jags to the AFC Championship game. Maybe Fisher is top four after all.

You may now return to contemplating the Eschaton.