I have to say that Camtasia Studio has gone well beyond my expectations and even some of my hopes. I’m still learning my way around it, but this test of the picture-in-picture feature shows how versatile it is. The video embedded below is just a test of that feature, which I thought might be a useful way to show what the mouse is doing when the onscreen action is taking place. The result, crude as it is, turns out to be a remarkable and ironic testimony to the ergonomic advantage of the decidedly unergonomically-shaped device; even after having used it for months, I was surprised to see how it virtually eliminated wrist movement as well as the keyboard commands.

Anyhow, now that I know Camtasia works so well, I’m going to set about producing a series of higher-quality videos that will show how the mouse works with a wide range of various games and applications. But first, of course, I’ll wrap up that third inflation video for which Nate is so patiently waiting. I should be able to finish and upload it this weekend.