VPFL Week 13

77 Moundsview Meerkats (4-8-1)
42 Meigs Marauders (5-8-0)

81 Bane Sidhe (9-4-0)
52 Blackmouth Banksters (7-6-0)

73 MS Swamp Spartans (7-5-1)
63 Judean Rhyneauxs (6-7-0)

65 Greenfield Grizzlies (7-5-1)
55 Winston Reverends (4-9-0)

52 RR Redbeards (6-6-1)
36 Valders Quixotes (8-5-0)

So close! I finally made it to the top of the league in scoring with 896 points to the Grizzlies 890 last week, but the Grizz beat Winston to drop them to 4-9-0 and prevent me from scoring the rare top in scoring, bottom in the standings bifecta by half a game. But Greenfield has been on a historic tear, going from last in the league to a playoff spot with a timely five-game winning streak. Bane has been on a roll too, but something has to give since they meet this week.

Of the six teams still in contention, I suspect the Swamp Spartans and Redbeards will be on the outside looking in. As for the NFL, it would appear that the football gods were not happy with the idea that Brett Favre might not continue his 297-game starting streak. Frazier had better commit to starting him or this snow may not let up until January. And one suspects this should give lawmakers the excuse they need to screw over the taxpayers and build a new stadium on Mr. Wilf’s behalf; an NFL team can’t be expected to play in a place with a collapsing roof, after all. I fully expect there to be long faces delivering the devastating news of permanent structural damage to the old Hump this week.

I hope they keep the other important lesson in mind as well. The Vikings are meant to play OUTSIDE! When they do build a new stadium, they’d better not put another bloody roof on it.